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Some computer users are not sure what is application software yet they use different kinds of it to achieve specific tasks. These programs are also known as apps. Good examples include programs made for accounting, games, media players, office suites among others. Many apps are designed with documents in mind. Some are developed separately while others are made together with computer systems.

Mobile phones have also come to use apps in recent times. It is important to distinguish between application and system software. The latter is used to manage different capabilities of the computer system. It does not aid in any performance of the tasks that benefit the computer user. It only serves the applications which are then utilized by the user to solve his or her needs.

A shopping mall can be used to illustrate this point well. The building does not provide clients with the items they need to purchase. Instead it gives the retailers space on which they serve the shoppers. Apps are designed to run on platforms. Other can run on different platforms while others run on specific ones only. There are two main categories of applications. These are horizontal and vertical. Horizontal applications are used by companies and departments while the vertical ones are intended for specific purposes in a business.

There are different kinds of apps. Suites are one type of applications which are bundled together. These programs are related in that they have a similar interface and features and they are able to interact. They also they serve functions which are related. Microsoft office which is a good example has a database program, a word processor as well as a spread sheet and several and several others.

Enterprise software is designed with specific needs of an organization in mind. Programs for customer relationship management, managing the chain of supply as well as financial systems make good examples. Another type of apps is enterprise infrastructure applications which are used to support the systems in the enterprise. Some examples of this include databases, email servers as well as systems for managing the network.

To create and manage information useful in a project users use information worker applications. These include documentation tools, analytical, time management and resource management. Applications for content access are designed to allow users to get to certain content without editing it. Mostly they are used to view digital entertainment as well as digital published content. They include different media players and web browsers.

Educators have special educational applications that they can use to evaluate students and track their progress. They use material and collaborative means to perform their functions. Simulation applications are used to simulate different environments. This is useful for training, research and entertainment. Applications for media development are used to make different kinds of materials for educational and commercial usage. HTML editors and digital animation are some for the examples in this category. Other applications include computer aided design and computer aided engineering. These are used for making hardware and software components.

Different platforms can also be explain what is application software. Some of the popular platforms are Windows and Linux. Programs can also be divided according to network delivery. Examples are Web 2.0 applications and cloud computing.

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