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From Galen Gruman: A few times a week, one or more apps on my iPad and iPhone are updated, and I duly install the new version; Android users know the routine too. I sometimes regret it, but there’s no way to go back, so I’m stuck with the update. I really wish you could revert to a previous version.

It happened recently when Reuters updated its News Pro app for iPad. What had been a fairly fast-loading, easy-to-read news app now brought molasses-like load times and difficult-to-read articles. Plus, navigating among the stories requires more steps than before. There were no bugs to fix and no compelling flaws in the previous version. Someone simply decided to change the UI, and they did so in a bad way. That app is now gone from my iPad, though fortunately the iPhone version remains unmolested and still usable. Likewise, the update two weeks ago to Fidelity for iPad app ruined what had been an easy-to-use portfolio management tool, larding it with visual gewgaws and unnecessarily adding multiple steps to do the portfolio management the app exists for in the first place. Sigh. Read more

Source: Infoworld