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  Users will be able to upgrade and install Windows 8 using a streamlined online process without the need for boxed CDs, Microsoft has revealed.

“Buying boxed software is quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule,” Christa St. Pierre, a member of the Windows Setup and Deployment team, wrote in a 21 November posting on Microsoft’s official “Building Windows 8” blog, “with more and more software being purchased online as broadband penetration increases and large-size media downloads become more common.”

Windows 8 users, she added, will have the option of starting their operating-system setup online: “We actually ‘pre-key’ the setup image that is downloaded to a unique user, which means that you don’t have to type in the 25-digit product key when you install.” Fluid Experience Microsoft has experimented with downloading Windows before – as well as some alternative methods for loading Windows onto a PC. In order to give netbook users without a DVD drive the ability to run Windows 7, the company issued a Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT), capable of installing the operating system via USB device…..