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  360 Panorama for iOS is not only only one of the top 30 iPhone photography apps profiled by our Matthew Panzarino, it is THE best iOS app for taking stunning panoramic pictures.

Unfortunately for Android owners the splendor of the app has gone unrealized until today with the release of 360 Panorama for Android ($.99), making it the first real-time panoramic photo capturing app in the Android Market.

Like the iOS version, to capture a stunning panorama one only needs to move their smartphone in a complete circle and marvel as the panorama is created in realtime. It’s dead simple, fast and requires no stitching like other, similar, apps.

The Android app works without the need for a gyroscope for now, an incredible feat. How does Occipital do it? By using its own camera-based motion tracking algorithms to simulate a gyroscope, making the app work on a device as “ancient” as the iPhone 3GS.

Vikas Reddy, Co-Founder of Occipital:

“The gyro viewing feature isn’t enabled yet on Android because we focused on features that could make it work even on devices that don’t have a gyro. For the devices that do have gyro support, we will add support in the next update.”

Once you download the app…..